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美國EverDear & Co.有限公司會為我們出售的每一枚骨灰鉆石提供正品保證書。我們嚴格遵循踐行質保原則,保證出售的每一枚骨灰鉆石和每一件珠寶的質量和品質。美國EverDear & Co.有限公司以質量謀生存,證書是對我們所遵循標準的誓約。



EverDear & Co. provides a complete certificate of authenticity whenever we turn ashes into diamonds. We want you to enjoy your memorial jewelry with peace of mind, never having to be concerned about its authenticity. Strict quality assurance guidelines and practices are maintained throughout the entire process of converting ashes to diamonds to ensure the quality and authenticity of every stone and piece of jewelry sold. EverDear & Co. stands by its processes to turn ashes into diamonds, and this certification is a testament to the high standards we hold.

Each certificate guarantees the carbon source of the diamond from ashes, its 4C’s grading (colour, clarity, cut, and carat), and the setting metal material (either platinum or gold). We take memorial jewelry very seriously, and our customers will feel confident that they are purchasing pieces that will live up to the memory of their loved ones. You can rest assured that every time you purchase from EverDear & Co., we turn ashes into diamonds and jewelry of the highest quality, with extensive quality control processes. Our memorial cremation diamonds are fully GIA certified.